Know someone who needs something?
Get paid for referring them.

Payments sent directly to you. No app downloads. No hassles.


What is is a way to introduce your friends to top-rated goods and services. The brilliant part is you BOTH get paid when your friend makes a purchase from our recommended vendors.

How does it work?

You simply text us what your friend is looking for (LEGAL goods and services only) and we will respond with a few questions and a cash back amount you and your friend will receive for the referral.

Your friend MUST purchase something by following a link from one of our preferred vendors to receive payment. Payments will be sent via Square Cash, Google Wallet or Paypal.

What kind of referrals do you accept?

Typical referrals will look something like this: "Hi, my friend Ray needs a new flat screen TV." or "I know someone who needs a babysitting service" or even "I just met this guy who is looking for a new accountant".

Your friend MUST be willing to purchase $50 or more worth of goods and services for the referal request to be valid.

How much can I make per referal?

It depends. If you refer us friends who are looking for higher-priced goods and services, we will work with you to get you the maximum payment possible.

The more people you refer, obviously the more payments you will receive from us.

Can we get cash back at the same store again and again?

No. We provide a cash back refund to both you (the referrer) and the customer only one-time per store. For example, if you send us a customer who buys something at Target, then the customer comes back to Target again at a later date, we will only provide cash back for the first purchase.

Alternatively, if a customer purchases something at Target, then you tell us they are looking for a different product or service which is NOT associated with Target, we will provide cash back reward to you and your friend, because they are making a purchase at a different store.

What happens if my friend wants a refund on their purchase?

Refunds are handled on a case-by-case basis to ensure that our site remains free of fraudulent users. If any referrer or customer is linked to excessive refunds, we have the right to terminate both the customer and the referring person's account.

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